Yongfeng Huo

Yongfeng Huo President & CEO

He engaged in research in the field of LED lighting, He first proposed and applied Low glare calculus technology  and Self-fit glue technology in LED light field, which achieved a breakthrough in the field of LED light. He owns more than 50 patents and a number of proprietary technology.

Lishu Zhou

Lishu Zhou Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer 

Good at optical energy system design, In-depth study of the precision optical micromachining technology process, One of the energy of the optical design experts in China. Responsible for program planning and project modeling of optical design in HercuLux. She is the number of invention and utility model patent owner.

Michael Peng

Michael Peng Vice President

More than 12 years of LED marketing experience, from the LED chips, phorsphor, LED and optics, even driver IC, LED driver.

Over 9 years working experience in HONGKONG SAS Group, strated with sales, to sales supervisor, to sales manager and product manager, left with title senior marketing manager.

Joined to Herculux as Vice president in 2016, incharge of the global marketing and sales.

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