In-mold hot cutting of mold technology

1. As we all know, the nozzles of water gate products are inconvenient to be separated from the products. There are always many problems in manual trimming, such as rising labor costs, improved product defect rate, poor appearance, etc. So the in-mold hot cut is born.

2. The in-mold hot cutting adopts the lever method. After the mold is injection-molded, the product is separated from the nozzle before the mold is opened, which ensures the integrity of the product and improves the efficiency and the non-performing rate.

3. Its general structure is as shown.


Soft Mold

A new product that will be put on the market, in addition to various types of analysis on the data, also needs to make real samples for various types of tests, before they can pass the market, so that the real simulation can become the only way before new products are put on the market ;

The optical product requirements are high. In order to get closer to the real mold production environment, the test die replaces the previous 3D proofing handwork technology; in order to facilitate the rapid sample release, we use the shared test die frame to batch process the spare inserts in advance, so our The sampling time is shortened to 3-5 working days as soon as possible. This method has successfully helped customers save development time to seize the market.


Thermostatic Workshop

Fully automatic air exchange system, high power air conditioning constant temperature, room temperature: ± 3 °; away from the vibration source, and designed professional shockproof;

The constant temperature workshop has completely improved the smoothness and precision of the mold, and the finish is well guaranteed. The stability of the machine is higher, the life of the machine is guaranteed, and the processing performance is superior.

Selection and processing of optical molds

Optical products, very strict requirements for mold materials and production.

Material selection:Excellent mirror polishing performance; no rust, no corrosion, uniform density.

Heat treatment:Strict process requirements, must be in place for annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, etc., to ensure that the material is not deformed, uniform hardness, uniform density, no brittleness, no blisters, etc.

Optical surface processing:No knife marks, welding, fire patterns, surface deformation, etc. are allowed, and one-time finishing is guaranteed.

Polishing:No sandpaper polishing is allowed, and only polishing paste is allowed when the finish and brightness are insufficient. If necessary, the surface is machined to ensure its smoothness and brightness.

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