• 01

    Optical Requirement

    Kindly provide detail requirements:
    1. Lens size requirement; 2. Optical requirement(FWHM),Target IES will be better; 3. Lens Efficiency; 4. Assembly drawing sharing; 5. LED; 6. Material: PC or PMMA; 7. Application; 8. Other special information.
  • 02

    Optical Design Report

    Our R&D will process to optical designing according to your optical requirement, designing in 2-5 days and we will share you the design report.
  • 03

    Structure Design

    If you are satisfied with the optical report, we could process to structure designing. Please kindly provide the assembly drawing, structure drawing and any file is helpful for us to design structure.
  • 04

    Structure Confirm

    Confirm the structure (Step file): 1. Whether the lens structure conflict with the PCB;2. Whether the lens structure conflict with the Lamp's structure;3. Whether the lens structure conflict with the component location;4. etc.
  • 05


    Quotation for Mold and product: 1. It depends on the mold size and its complexity;2. Quotation includes Test Mold fee and Final Mold fee and price for unit product. (Test Mold is not absolutely necessary, it is according to the complexity of the mold.)
  • 06

    Customer PO Arrangement

    After you confirm the quotation, please kindly share your PO.
  • 07

    PI and Payment Arrangement

    We will arrange PI and we process to payment issue. After payment is done, we will process to mold producion.
  • 08

    Mold Production

    We need 30-35 working days to produce the mold, then will send you the samples which mold produce when the mold finished.
  • 09

    Confirm The Simples

    Confirm the simple: Whether the simples is same with the optical design and structure design.
  • 10

    Mass Producion

    If the samples checking is OK, Procedure as below: 

    1. Your mass order;2. Our PI arrangement;3. Your payment arrangement;4. Mass producion。

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