• 2018

    The Transformers V2.0 gorgeously come out. It meets the light distribution requirements of museums and special scenes. It is composed of 6 groups of optics and special structures. It can be used to move the front lens and the middle lens to form a circular light spot with different sizes and clear or fuzzy borders. At the same time, the circular spot can be freely adjusted to the following spot shapes by the four inserts attached to the product. With ultra smart and convenient operation, it can switch various spots fast.

  • 2017

    With regards to the hotel lighting market, we innovatively  proposed to optimize lights whose surface has hood light fixture with the secondary light optics to effectively control the light travel, achieving uniform transition of the overall light spot , and the light spot is not layered! The optical quality is greatly improved.

  • 2016

    · LED Automobile headlamp lens technology, better utilization of lights.

    · LED TV lens technology, Thinner TV,Lower cost.

  • 2015

    Triple-reflect calculus technology, thinner lens, lower cost.

  • 2011

    · We innovatively added optical sealing lens on integrated package light sources and enhanced the light source efficiency by more than 14%. This achievement is well-known in the entire LED packaging field.

    · We innovatively proposed and adopted defocus technology solutions for lens designed for light sources with defects on luminous surfaces, e.g. XTE LED produced by CREE, so as to make this LED light source adaptable to almost all illumination occasions except LED bulbs.

    · We innovatively proposed and adopted adaptive colloid technology solutions to design lens, and made a breakthrough on the theoretical limit that lens efficiency can not exceed 92% and achieved nearly 100% light distribution efficiency.

  • 2010

    We are the first enterprise in the world that innovatively proposed and adopted calculus technology solutions to design indoor spotlight lens, and fundamentally solved the dazzling problem of LED indoor spotlights and the difficulty of light distribution of COB light source.

  • 2009

    We innovatively designed street lamp lens based on free-form surface boundary fusion technology and with deflection angle and pavement lighting, made a breakthrough on traditional “peanuts-shaped” lens design, and spawned imitation of other lens manufacturers.


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