Chengdu HercuLux Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.  is a modernized enterprise dedicated to providing professional secondary optical match schemes for the LED lighting field and the design, manufacture and sales of related optical elements.
The Company boasts global-leading research and development strengths, advanced production equipments and a professional detection system, and a R&D team comprised of experts working in the fields of optics, precision optical die and precision optical injection for decades and an excellent and passionate marketing team, ensuring the stable quality of each product series and fast and considerate services.
Since the establishment, the Company has overcome many secondary optical match issues in the LED lighting field.
The creative street lamp lenses with a deflection angle and road lighting are designed based on the free surface boundary integration technology, completely overthrowing the traditional "Peanut" design and becoming an object imitated by various lens manufacturers; the creative indoor spotlight lenses are firstly designed with calculus technology solutions to throughly solve the dazzle and glare of LED indoor spotlights; the creative lenses are designed with adaptive colloid technology solutions to break the theory limit of 92% of lens efficiency, producing the best luminous efficiency in the world; and some lenses are designed with defocus technology solutions to solve the defect light source on the light-emitting surfaces of such products as CREE's XTE LED so that this LED light source can be applied in all lights except bulbs...
We adhere to the concepts of "integrity and win-win" and are firmly committed to diligently persue innovation, quality and excellent services to provide first class products and best services for customers. We are willing to cooperate with enterprises and manufacturers from all over the world. Furthermore our permanent objectives go to innovation, improvement and satisfaction.
In 2009 :  Unique design concept ---The self-supporting declination and self-contained street lighting lens designed based on the free surface boundary fusion technology completely overturns the traditional phenomenon that “peanut rice” lens is difficult to be assembled/distribution is mismatched . Its light is applied to the real scene more effectively, and it has become a target for various lens manufacturers to imitate;
In 2010: The Indoor spotlights lens designed with calculus technology solution scheme which was innovatively proposed and adopted for the first time completely solves the glare and dazzling problem of LED indoor spotlights;
In 2011: The lens that was designed with an adaptive colloidal technology solution proposed and adopted innovatively completely broke the theoretical limit that lens efficiency cannot exceed 92%, and achieved the results that light efficiency of the secondary light distribution lens close to 100% and the light source efficiency of ones with defective packages even exceeds 100%;
In 2012: The innovative proposal of adding optical packaging lenses to the integrated packaged light source has enabled the integrated packaged light source to increase its efficiency by more than 14% on the original basis, which has caused a sensation in the entire LED packaging field;
In 2013: Lenses designed with multiple- SMD- LED light source distribution technology solved the problem of uneven distribution of light sources in the space color temperature and non-uniform light intensity distribution,  and greatly reduced the cost of indoor light source products;
In 2014: Lenses designed with an ultra-thin back light - anti-reflection technology, when using the same quantity of LED, the space for using is thinner, which can increase added value of product ; when using the same space as well as reducing the quantity of LED for using, which can significantly reduce costs;

In 2015: Multi-level total reflection technology - is composed of a refractive surface and multiple reflective surfaces. Transmission + total reflection + multi-level total reflection, which can achieve a clear edge light spot at a relatively low lens height and makes the center light intensity be high;
In 2016: The Triple-Reflection Calculus Lens reflects upgrading and innovation of HercuLux Optics' traditional calculus technology, which can greatly reduce the optical height of the lens on the basis of the traditional calculus technology;
In 2017: With regards to the hotel lighting market, we innovatively  proposed to optimize lights whose surface has hood light fixture with the secondary light optics to effectively control the light travel, achieving uniform transition of the overall light spot , and the light spot is not layered! The optical quality is greatly improved;
In 2018: The Transformers V2.0 gorgeously come out. It meets the light distribution requirements of museums and special scenes. It is composed of 6 groups of optics and special structures. It can be used to move the front lens and the middle lens to form a circular light spot with different sizes and clear or fuzzy borders. At the same time, the circular spot can be freely adjusted to the following spot shapes by the four inserts attached to the product. With ultra smart and convenient operation, it can switch various spots fast;

In 2019……


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